• Audit serves up savings for Haven Hotel

    The Haven Hotel is part of the FJB Hotel Group which is a family owned group of four hotels, three of which are situated in Poole, Dorset. The four star spa hotel is located right at the tip of the Sandbanks peninsula, surrounded by sea and sand.

  • The challenge

    Neil Mullins, business account manager at water2business contacted Haven Hotel as part of water2business' ongoing engagement with customers. He met with Sarah Downs who he had been working closely with at the hotel.

    The hotel had been consuming significant volumes of water 24 hours a day and using water inefficiently in the kitchen and bar areas especially. Part of the challenge was to change these bad practices and to gain management buy in to ensure water efficiency recommendations were implemented.

    Efficiency advice
  • The solution

    Neil produced an easy to read report for the hotel which highlighted his recommendations.

    Sarah says, "I wasn't aware of the potential issues or savings that could be made until I had my initial meeting with Neil when he highlighted the fact that just by moving tariff options for our business centre alone we could save £500 from the start."

    One of the first recommendations was to install a data logger on the hotel's supply meter which enabled water2business to monitor consumption and flow patterns 24 hours a day. This enabled us to highlight areas of high usage and also identify and potential leakage issues.

    We carried out a full audit of the hotel, looking at flows rates from taps, showers, kitchen use and also usage in the swimming pool areas. We also provided the hotel with some water saving devices which were fitted in some of the rooms.

  • The results

    The audit identified potential savings of over £20,000 if all the recommendations were put into practice, with the biggest savings to be made from identifying and repairing leaks, switching tariffs and introducing water saving measures.

    The audit and the results helped Haven Hotel focus more on water usage and especially wastage of water. They also now use the data logging portal to monitor water consumption.

  • testimonial icon

    "I would highly recommend Neil and water2business. They completed the audit quickly without any disruption to the running of the hotel and I'm looking forward to working with them in the future with our sister hotels."

    Sarah Downs, Haven Hotel