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    Whether you need advice on how to reduce your water consumption, want a water audit or need help with complex trade effluent consents, our team of experts are here to help and support your business through our assist programme.

    You'll find a wealth of information in this section on water efficiency, as well as the services we've specifically designed to support you in reducing your operational costs and getting more value for money.

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  • Is your bill higher than expected?

    There may be several reasons your water consumption has increased but it's important that you check whether or not it's because of a leak. 

    Leak detection and repair

    Get smart with data

    Changes in water use could indicate leaks, inefficient practices or other problems. Automated meter reading can help you spot changes quickly to decrease water loss and avoid extra costs.

    Automated meter reading
  • Need support with trade effluent?

    If your business is discharging non-household sewage (trade effluent) to the public sewer, you will need to obtain consent. As well as support with consent, we also offer other trade effluent services including sampling, flow measurement, automatic sampling and waste minimisation surveys.

    Trade effluent

    Plan for emergencies

    Your mains water supply can be lost without any given notice. We can provide emergency water and we offer a range of continuity service packages that can provide assurance and reassurance that your site is protected in the event of mains water outage.

    Plan for emergencies
  • How does your business measure up?

    Being water efficient is one of the best ways to save money on your water bills. A water audit will identify inefficiencies and potential savings. 

    Water audits and benchmarking

    Protect your water supply

    To protect your supply from contamination, it's important that your fixtures and fittings are correctly installed and in good repair. Did you know as a business it's your legal duty to ensure your systems satisfy these requirements?

    Water regulations
  • Advice on a device or two

    Investing in water saving devices can cut your business' water use dramatically - one device could lower it by as much as 98%! Find out about the devices we would recommend if you want to cut your water consumption - and your water bills too.

    Water saving devices

    Top tips to save water

    Small changes to the way your business operates can lead to big savings in your water bills. Fixing leaking taps, fitting water saving devices in bathrooms and purchasing efficient appliances are three ways you can cut water use and lower bills. Our team have put together their top tips on how you can save your business water and money.

    Water saving tips
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