• Leak detection and repair Waste water services

    Leaks are often not visible above ground so can go undetected for long periods of time. While the leak is ongoing, you will continue to be billed for that wasted water so it is important that you know how to identify leaks and act quickly to fix them.


    There are a number of ways to identify if you have a leak on your premises:

    • Your water consumption is higher than you think it should be.
    • An unexplained change on your bill.
    • There is a reduction in your water pressure.
    • There is a noise in your internal plumbing system.
    • There are no reported network problems or interruptions by your wholesaler but your water supply has reduced.
    • The dial on your water meter is still spinning when all water appliances have been turned off.

    If you have a water meter and the meter dial is turning when you're not using any water, it is likely you have a leak. The quickest way to determine this is via a stop tap test. In most cases this is an easy process however, there are circumstances where it is not. In these instances, please contact us for help.

    If it's possible and safe to check, turn off your internal stop tap and check the meter. If the dial has stopped turning you may have a leak inside your property. If the meter dial is still turning when the internal stop tap is off, it is likely you have a leak on your private supply pipe and you should contact us.

    By following these steps, you may be able to detect leaks on your own premises however, if you're unsure, our leakage specialists can survey your premises to establish if there is a leak and work to locate it.

    They can then arrange for it to be repaired as appropriate.

    Detecting and repairing leaks quickly will have a major impact on your water consumption and therefore your water bills.

    By detecting and repairing leaks quickly, you'll save yourself from unnecessary costs and potential business disruption.

    Although you have evidence indicating a leak on your property, pinpointing the exact location of the leak(s) requires expert skill and technology. Our approved contractors have years of experience and the expertise to ensure you receive the highest quality assistance and service. 

    Once the leak(s) on your premises have been identified and located, repair work can commence. If necessary, our approved contractors can carry out temporary repairs or install emergency bypasses to restore supply to your site promptly whilst allowing time for permanent repairs to be made.

    Full repairs will be completed using the correct pipe materials and fittings ensuring the repair is adequate and long lasting.

    Once full repair work is complete, the operatives will restore excavation work using a variety of materials including tarmac, concrete, paving slabs etc. allowing you to regain use of your site as soon as possible. 

    Leak detection and repair is suitable for businesses that are concerned they may have a leak, or have high and unexplained water consumption.
    If you think you could benefit from our leak detection and repair service, contact us  for more information.

    Detecting and locating leaks is never easy and every case if different with unique demands. Because of this, the service we provide usually breaks into two parts; a leak detection survey and leak repair.

    The cost of a leak detection survey will depend on the size of your site and volume of water thought to be lost in relation to normal usage.

    Following the survey, you will be given a report, scope of works and price for repair.

    In some instances where it is more cost effective, a find and fix team will be deployed to locate and repair a leak at the during the same visit.

    We will send you a quote for the level of work involved.

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