• Trade effluent consent

    The consent, issued to the owner or occupier of the business premises, will contain legally enforceable conditions that control the volume and quality of the trade effluent discharged to the sewer.

    Depending on what is appropriate, the consent could include any of the following:

    • limits on daily volume and rate of discharge
    • limits on the concentration of solids and organic matter, and on dangerous or harmful constituents
    • requirements for access to sampling points and for measuring and monitoring equipment to be provided.

    You may need to provide and maintain some form of on-site treatment to ensure your business can comply with the consent conditions.

    If your business has a trade effluent consent you will pay trade effluent charges based on the volume and strength of effluent discharged.

    Your sewerage wholesaler will routinely inspect and sample higher risk trade effluent discharges to check compliance with consent conditions and to determine the effluent strength for charging purposes.

    If the discharge does not meet the consent requirements, we can support you to find a solution to improve the situation.

    However, if no action is taken, your sewerage wholesaler may take enforcement action - a breach of a consent condition is a criminal offence and may result in prosecution.

    Trade effluent sampling
  • Trade effluent sampling

    We routinely inspect and sample trade effluent discharges to check compliance with consent conditions.

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