• Your water meter

    As a business it is likely that you pay for your water and wastewater services based on consumption - it means you have a water meter installed at your premises.

    Taking regular readings will help you to monitor usage and manage costs - simple steps to reduce your water use could cut your bills too. Find out more.

    If your usage has changed significantly since the meter was installed, it may be worth checking if the device is still the most appropriate for your needs. 

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  • Maintaining your water meter

    Extreme weather can cause problems for water meters and water supply pipes. Here are some tips to follow.

    • During cold weather ensure your heating system is in good order and kept on at a low temperature.
    • Check insulation levels to ensure they're up to the task of protecting both cold water pipes and the meter itself from freezing.
    • Repair leaks to any valves or taps.
    • Keep draughts to a minimum by fitting excluders to windows and doors.
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    Where is your water meter?

    It is important to know where your water meter is located - most are kept outside within the business boundary but some are installed inside.

    If your business involves lots of separate processes or production lines, it might pay to have sub meters installed.

    This will enable you to record your water consumption at different stages of a process and identify potential savings. 

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