• Water saving tips 

    Small changes to the way your business operates can lead to big savings in your water bills. The following ideas could help - we can help too so please contact us to find out more. 

    Just one small drip on a single tap could waste four litres of water a day. Renew washers and consider installing water saving taps to reduce water use further.
    Spray taps or those fitted with push tops or infrared controls can cut water consumption by up to 50%.
    Ensure that all appliances such as dishwashers are used on their most water efficient settings. When replacing equipment, look for low water usage models displaying the ECO symbol.
    Fitting water saving devices in toilets or shower areas will help to cut water consumption, eg, a Save-a-Flush bag could save up to three litres per flush and fitting low volume shower heads could cut water usage by 50% in these areas.
    Automatic flushing systems on urinals could be using upwards of 850 litres of water a day. Fitting a control device would restrict flushing to times when the premises are being used. If you plan to refit your urinal area, consider waterless devices.
    With the support of your staff, your business can reduce water and costs. Staff training and setting water usage targets are two ways to foster greater involvement and improve your company's environmental performance.
    Make sure the key people in your business know where water supply pipes and shut off valves are located.
    Checking meter readings during quiet times, eg, at night will help to identify whether there are any leaks on your network. A leaking pipe can waste as much as 5,500 litres a year so a quick fix will keep costs under control.
    Sprinklers and hosepipes can use 1,000 litres of water an hour - fit trigger nozzles to hosepipes to reduce water use. Better still consider rainwater collection systems or plant species more tolerant of arid conditions.
    If you use water to clean plant, machinery, equipment or commercial vehicles, look into installing the most effective washing systems but don't overlook the environmental impact of using potentially polluting degreasants or detergents.
  • Smart metering 

    Our leading metering technology allows you to measure and review constantly your water consumption.

    Smart metering
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