• Bills and accounts

    We provide:

    • flexible and consolidated billing for multiple sites
    • award-winning customer service
    • experienced staff to answer your calls - a real person will answer when you ring! 
  • Water supply

    We can:

    • offer expert advice on water efficiency to help your business reduce costs
    • detect and repair leaks on your premises
    • develop a tailored programme to help your business achieve efficiency targets
    • offer automatic meter reading (AMR) billing. 


    Getting connected
  • Wastewater services

    We can:

    • review your site's drains and sewers to improve access and flow, building new drains if necessary
    • monitor your trade effluent and advising on consent requirements
    • survey your wastewater treatment plan and upgrading or managing it as necessary
    • identify ways to limit the amount of wastewater production with a view to reducing costs
    • provide expert advice on recycling 'grey water'. 


    Trade effluent
  • Find out how we can help your business cut consumption and costs

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