• My bills have increased. Have I got a leak?

    The increase may be due to a leak, but there are other potential reasons to consider first. Read through the below - could any of these have affected your bill?

    • General usage - Has the nature of your business changed? Has the number of people using the water increased? 
    • Reading type - Whilst we aim to take actual meter readings wherever possible, on occasion it may be necessary for us to use estimated readings. Have any of your last two bills been estimated? If your last reading was estimated, can you provide an actual reading? If so, let us know.
    • Bill period - Does your most recent bill cover a longer period than your previous bill? Most properties are billed every six months but the exact period of days covered will vary.
    • Appliances/fittings - Appliances like new dishwashers and power showers may use more water. Any dripping taps or faulty toilet cisterns may also cause high water usage, even if they have since been fixed.

    If you have been through the above and still cannot account for the increase in usage, your next step is to check for leaks. How to undertake the stop tap test.

  • Check for leaks

    If you have a water meter and the meter dial is turning when you're not using any water, it is likely you have a leak. The quickest way to determine this is via a stop tap test. 

    Stop tap test
  • When should I read my meter? 

    Most properties are billed every six months. At least one meter reading per year will be an actual reading, however where possible we will endeavour to take actual readings twice per year to produce your bills. 

    Automated meter reading

    We recommend that you read and log your own meter readings once per week. By doing this, any fluctuations in usage can be located and rectified quickly. Should you encounter a leak, your wholesaler will likely request proof that you have regularly monitored your water usage in order to consider a potential leak allowance. For full information on claiming a leak allowance, please click here.

  • Claiming a leak allowance

    If you think you might have a leak you may be entitled to a leakage allowance. Once a leak is repaired, we may be able to handle your claim for a leak allowance from your wholesaler. 

    Claiming a leak allowance